Tips for Choosing a Contractor

• Check with your local Home Builders Association

•  Tour the area and look for other new homes being built.

• Check in newspapers, the internet, and with local realtors.

•  Talk with other homeowners who have been through the home building process.

• Ask for State Licensing, proof of Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance


• Standard Lumber & Supply

• Oceana Builders Supply & Rental

• ABC Supplies

•  Square Deal Supply

• Larsons Ace Hardware

• High Grade Concrete Products

1. Develop a budget
Developing a budget with your monthly expenses in mind will give you a good idea of what kind of house payments you can afford.

2. Research products and learn what you like
Spend time in local showrooms. Visit open houses and other homes that interest you. Make a file of ideas that you like to present to contractors.

3. Design a home that meets your needs within your budget
Hire a designer that can help translate your ideas into a plan.

4. Interview local builders/contractors
Get as much information from each regarding your plan, and make sure to check references.

5. Place your plans and specifications out to receive bids
Don't jump at the lowest bid just because it will save you money, you may end up sacrificing quality.

6. Hire the contractor that you feel will best fit your goals
Rapport with your contractor is almost as important as expertise when making your decision.

7. Plan for extras
There are almost always changes to plans during the process. Try to plan for those inspirational moments.

8. Set goals for construction and stay on course
Do everything in your power to keep things moving. Delays do happen, but minimizing the probability of problems makes things go much more smoothly and on schedule.

9. Take possession of your new home
If you follow the plan, you will be enjoying your new home rather than complaining about what went wrong.

Steps to Success