Pole Building Construction

Pole Building Construction

Stovall Construction is a premier pole building contractor in Oceana County, serving clients throughout West Michigan.

We have a wealth of experience in the construction of post-frame buildings in a variety of styles and for a variety of purposes. The size of the project does not matter--we put the same quality into every pole building we build.

From the concrete footings and slab to the steel siding and roofing, every stage of the building process is completed with precision and quality in mind. We can even help you design a pole building to effectively and creatively serve the function for which you intend it.

Quality Pole Building Materials

We are committed to quality in both our workmanship and the materials we use in every pole building that we build. Other contractors may keep their costs down by using inferior grade steel and framing materials, but we refuse to sacrifice quality to save a few pennies.

Your new pole building should last you a long time without rust or corrosion shortening its life span. That is why all the galvanized steel we use in our pole building projects is rated at G-60 or higher.  We do not install "econo-rib" steel, because it does not meet our quality standards for durability.

To ensure the sheer strength of the walls and framing, we choose to use laminated columns, an engineered wood product, instead of regular wood beams. Not only do laminated columns add strength, but they also resist warping and shrinking as they age, maintaining the shape and integrity of your pole structure for decades.