Custom Home Construction

Custom Home Construction

Stovall Construction is a premier builder of custom homes in West Michigan. Our goal is to provide you with the home of your dreams without the cost or the process ending up as a nightmare.

We build a variety of custom homes in many sizes and styles, according to your needs and desires. All of our custom homes are built with quality craftsmanship and materials so that you can enjoy your new home worry free for years to come. 

The Foundation for Success

The success of every new home project depends largely on the expertise of the builder and a well planned-out process. Stovall Construction brings to every home project the skill and experience required to avoid unnecessary problems and delays, and to ensure a high-quality final product.

In planning your custom home with you, we will walk you through the steps for a successful home-building project from start to finish, making sure that all the details are finalized before we begin. Our "up-front" pricing will ensure that your home building project stays within your budget and that there are no surprises when the job is completed. 

Quality Homes Depend

Upon Quality Materials

The quality of a home depends upon the quality of the products being used in its construction.

Although some home builders cut corners on the quality of the materials they use in order to cut costs, we always choose trusted quality building materials from reputable suppliers for every one of our custom homes. Although not "top-of-the-line," unless you request it, all materials we use are durable name-brand products that meet or exceed the building code requirements for their application.

We refuse to sacrifice quality just to save a few dollars.